Meet the Board
of 2019-2020

Jonathan Christopher Jayakusuma

Meet the President

Hi there, welcome to PPI Eindhoven! I’m Jonathan. You can call me Jochris.

I’m currently a student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences studying ICT & Business and specialising in data science. At PPI Eindhoven we would like to be a great platform for Indonesian students who are currently studying in the city to connect with each other while also spreading Indonesian culture to the international world. PPI Eindhoven for us is not just a regular organisation, it is a liveable community. At PPI Eindhoven we always care and support each other that’s why we are really proud to call PPI Eindhoven as our family.

Elfiera Einar Ozora

Presenting the Vice President!

Sweetest greetings to you!

My name is Fiera, currently a Mechatronic Engineer student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Living far away from home and family, the most important thing for us is to take care of one another. Here in PPI Eindhoven, we envision a healthy, supporting and accommodating environment for all who seeks it. Most importantly, anyone is always welcomed to join us and participate in our events.

Take good care.