In the Netherlands, bicycles are the main form of transport. However, it might feel overwhelming given the surplus of options. We hope to present the choices available in Eindhoven to let you decide for yourself what is best for you.


If you are planning to stay for quite a while, it might be a great investment to buy yourself your own bike!

Physical Store

Please keep in mind that the following physical stores range in prices and are not fully extensive.

  • Decathlon – Centrum
  • Rijwielcentrale Eindhoven
  • Budget Fietsenhuis – branches!



  • Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace
  • Marktplaats


If you are planning to stay for only a while (Masters student, perhaps?), or only need a bike from time to time, you may be interested in renting a bike during your studies. The options below are an insight to well-known bicycle renting companies.

Swapfiets offer a monthly subscription to use their bikes. Read more here.

OV-fiets is available in many locations all around the Netherlands. Read more here.

Keep in mind!

The main takeaway from purchasing a bicycle is its lock. Bicycle theft is common in the Netherlands hence investing in a good lock or two is advised. In the Netherlands, you have two types of locks you can get: chain lock and/or back ring lock. Usually both of these locks are used together to ensure security.

You will sometimes see the text “uitgezonderd” alongside the bicycle sign. This Dutch word means “except”, often used to indicate a one-way road for cars, but two-way for bikes.

Holding your phone while cycling is illegal and will get you a fine when caught. Use earphones and/or a phone holder if you need your phone for navigation or music

  • Cycle paths in the Netherlands are marked in red. These roads are exclusive for bicycles and motorcycles.
  • When cycling, you signal the direction you want to turn by pointing to the side with your fingers.

Public Transport


This is a contactless smart card that is used for all public transport in the Netherlands. This means that you can use the same card to get on the bus to campus as well as to get on a train to another city. There are only a few things to keep in mind:

To get the most out of your card, you can add packages:


For the times you want to explore Europe on the cheap, FlixBus is for you. You can see their website below.