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There are multitudinous activities that you can do in Eindhoven. Those activities are commonly found in organizations such as PPI Eindhoven as well as student/study associations organized by the campus. In order to join PPI activities, all you have to do is join PPI and know the events from the Instagram page.

As for university associations, you just sign up for an organization and you will be updates about the events directly from them. However, there are different types of associations in and outside of university.

  • Firstly, there are study associations which are organized by the students of your respective faculty. Their activities are not specifically studying per say, but they also often have a lot of other leisure activities too.
  • Student associations that focus more on leisure, hobby, or passion. They have a large history and will often require you to speak some amount of Dutch.
  • Sports associations on campus often conduct their practices on or around SSC (Studenten Sport Centrum) are present on and outside of campus. If you would like to join Indonesian sports associations, there are a couple in Eindhoven: GMK FC (football), Voli PPI Eindhoven, Raket Eindhoven.

Nightlife Culture

Looking for a place to grab a few glasses of beers or do a pub crawl with a bunch of friends? In Eindhoven, the number one leisure attraction is Stratum that is located at the Centrum nearby the cathedral. You can find restaurants, bars, silent disco, and many other things. Have fun there with your friends but do not forget to also study. In Eindhoven, it is the culture to ‘work hard, play hard’. Remember to be responsible!

Other Leisure

Other than things in the city, there are other things to do such as paintball, go kart, bowling, golfing, and pool. There are a lot more other things and all you need is just search for it. There is no harm in exploring after all. Though, you might need your bike for these activities. If you’re lucky, you can even find massive discounts to play these game. These discounts can even go up to 100%!


Do not worry about homesickness! It is common and natural. It happens to all of us. To treat homesickness, meet some friends, talk with them and try to have fun. It’ll be better soon enough. This thing is prevalent amongst the internationals and thus, you can meet other internationals and Indonesians to talk about it and do activities together. Above all, having contact with home will be the best cure for this. Call your families!