Guide to Eindhoven 101

Moving out of your parents’ place can be difficult at first hand. It gets even harder when you are moving into a place that you are very unfamiliar with. This page serves as a guide to how you can survive your first few weeks in Eindhoven.

What to do upon arrival to the Netherlands?

Arrival Check List

Shortly upon your arrival, the university will arrange 2 appointments for you at the town hall (Gemeente) and the GGD. Unfortunately, a tuberculosis (TB) test is mandatory for us Indonesians. The test is located at GGD Brabant-Zuidoost. You’ll need to fill out a form that you need to hand in during your appointment. You can either print it out yourself or your school will hand it out to you during registration day. Don’t forget to bring your passport and most importantly, don’t be late to your appointment!

Every 6 months in a span of 2 years, you can expect a letter regarding your next appointment. Don’t worry, you can always reschedule your appointment if you can’t make it.